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Vimax Extender was originally been developed by one of the most known urologists Dr. Mario Dumitrascu. It was originally designed and used as a medical aid in penis enlargement surgery. It also has been intensively tested and studied by many specialists in order to assure its effectively.

Vimax Extender is recognized as the most efficient device for penis enlargement by many of the leading practitioners in this field. Also other doctors recommend this device to their patients.

Dr. Mario Dumitrascu has been helping a lot of patients to enlarge their penis and achieve their goal regarding the size and the shape of their penis. He has engaged in his practice for more than 11 years and successfully recommends Vimax Extender to many of his patients. With a correct use, no one has ever complained that device is inefficient.

Either your penis is not straight as you want it to be or it bends and points in other directions than straight and forward, or you feel uncomfortable and you think something is wrong with the shape of your penis, Vimax Extender Device can successfully help you correct these problems.

You should know that some degree of curvature is not considered to be abnormal, but this may still cause discomfort during sexual acts, and make you feel uncomfortable.

However, when this is caused by Peyronie's disease, it may lead to serious problems if is not corrected in time.

The only solution for these problems used to be surgical correction, which was not very safe, and which could produce serious undesirable effects. Nowadays surgery is not the only option anymore. Vimax Extender is a clinical proven to work solution in correcting penile deviation and curvature. As well, it is recommended as treatment aid in Peyronie's disease.

  • Correction of up to 75% in Penile deviations and curvatures.
  • Reduction in discomfort during intercourse.
  • Improved confidence and self-image.

Vimax Extender is recommended by many respected urologists for penis enlargement, penile curvature treatments, and post surgical treatment, to avoid scar retraction. There have made scientific studies using Vimax Extender Device, and this device has proven to be essential in achieving their objectives.

The key to success is that Vimax Extender has been developed by a reputable medical company, ready to offer their customers the best solution to achieve their goals. We are no interested in making money out of your problems, our main goal is to help as many of you as we can.

We like people to know that penis enlargement is not what it used to be in the past. An impossible dream, that can be made a reality only with surgery. Now penis enlargement has become easier than ever.

Vimax Extender uses a simple method,
in a very effective way. The traction
principle is known since antiquity.
Vimax Extender uses the same principle,
but improved, due to our researches,
to provide the best possible results.

If Vimax Extender is used according to the
instruction manual, there is no reason to think the device does not work. Clinical studied has shown that Vimax Extender has been reported to have positive result for over 98% of cases.

Individual differences occur because every organism is different and responds in a different way to the device. But the main effect is the same for every men. We are very confident in our product as it has been the result of many years of intensive researches and tests.

Being a well known company, with many years of experience, we like to tell you that Vimax Extender has been released after years of hard working, after a lot of clinical studies, researches and tests, to assure you the best quality, to be sure we can provide what we claim to: best possible result in the fastest possible time.

That is why we are different from other companies, that is why our product is different. The overall results is the subjects reported an average growth in penis length close to 30%. The results of these studies confirmed that Vimax Extender Device is effective therefore recommended in:

  • Adding additional inches in penile length.
  • Adding extra inches in penile girth.

Many patients that used Vimax Extender changed their lives. No matter what the reasons are, a bigger penis is very important for almost every man. Also it is said that size does not matter, it is not actually true. For many men, the size of their penis is very important.

Small size can lead to a lot of anxiety, and
undesirable personal and social effects.
We are pleased to confirm that
Vimax Extender has been

helping many men achieve their goals. Due to its effectiveness and positive reports from various independent clinics and laboratories, Vimax Extender is being prescribed by many doctors to their patients with penis size problems as a good quality product and the best alternative to surgery.

It is also prescribed to patients with penis curvatures, due to its ability proved by clinical studies to correct up to 75% in penile curvatures and deviations.
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